If you have ever been to our house you have seen the dirt field that we call our backyard. The lower half of the yard is astroturf and accessible to Carson but the remainer of the yard is not. At one point Carson could still go up stairs but since he has transitioned to primarily using his wheelchair outside it meant limited access.

Some of our family members saw this and saw the need for change. Not only were we able to change the steps to a ramp but we were able to put in a large pad so there’s plenty of accessible space for Carson to be on in the yard.

There was also no wheelchair access to our front door. The way our house was built, Carson COULD have a ramp but would need to make a 90ยบ angle to turn into the door. This obviously didn’t work well. Jim and Pat generously also paid for the front walkway to be expanded so Carson can use the front door with a ramp now.

We can’t wait to see all of the amazing changes that continue to happen for Carson!